Where Should I Move To, To Escape Climate Change?

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

An unexpected experience

All I wanted was to sit on the deck and look at the stunning scenery, which I was not allowed to do very much of

But this is now being encouraged because of climate change!

But this will help these countries

The very act of ‘seeing them before they disappear’ will be what largely contributes to the areas’ deterioration so much faster.

We need to stop being so selfish and short sighted

There is another way

The other bit however, is to not run to see everything before it disappears, or running from what is happening, but to prevent the need for all of this.

The next chapter is still unwritten

So, what do you choose?



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Tasha's Little Corner

Tasha's Little Corner


Hello! I write about equality, mental health, the climate crisis, and social justice. Welcome to my little corner of the world.