I am So Proud I Ate At McDonald’s Today

A big recovery win to be celebrated

Fearing a basic human function

Around 14 years ago I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. A diagnosis that didn’t really prepare me for the huge impact it would go on to have in my life.

The long road to recovery

Over the years I have been in treatment. Around four times I have been in intensive outpatient treatment and seeing a dietitian.

Being well again

It’s been a long rocky road for me to get to this point. And while recovery is absolutely possible, I believe it leaves scars. For me, I have to work on my recovery everyday. The ED voices are still there, I just manage to not act on them.

And that leads me to today

As a vegetarian I did get a little excited about McDonald’s adding a plant burger to their menu, the last of this type of big chain to do so. And I think I have had burgers on the brain ever since, but I haven’t had chance to try one. Until today of course.

But today I did!

Today I just grabbed what I wanted. Intuitive eating at it’s best. An anxiety that would have once lasted for days and impacted on everything I did following this, only lasted minutes. I am again hungry and about to grab dinner, consisting of what I want, and not what I would have had (or not had to compensate).

Celebrating the wins

I keep calling this a small win, but it’s not. It’s flipping huge (see what I did there? Flipping….burgers…..I won’t become a comedian, I know, I know)! To some people this is nothing. It’s an everyday occurrence. To others it might be a sign of my recovery that warrants a thumbs up, but nothing more.



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